Why Brisk

For over 80 years Brisk has been one of the leading spark plug manufacturers. High quality and innovative products have led to Brisk winning many awards and becoming OEM for several reputable manufactures such as VW, Volvo, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Opel, Husqvarna and many others.

Brisk manufactures all of its products in the Czech Republic (EU). Apart from spark plugs Brisk also manufactures glow plugs, sensors, ceramics and many more items. Brisk is a leader in spark plug technology and design capable of custom production. Brisk manufactures a wide variety of spark plugs some with unique and superior characteristics and offers a wide assortment of iridium, copper, platinum, yttrium and even silver spark plugs for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s, trucks, LPG engines, boats, go-karts and even garden machinery.  

For those who seek maximum efficiency and performance, Brisk offers several unique patented spark plug firing designs, including Brisk Multi-Spark plug and Brisk LGS (lamborghini design) spark plugs. Brisk also specialises in the use of silver center electrode technology in our high performance and racing spark plugs as well as LPG engines. Brisk has been co-operating with several racing team especially in Europe and the USA and has had a great success with its premium performance spark plugs!

Most recently Brisk launched a new invovative product, Brisk EVO spark plugs. It revolutionizes traditional spark plug design, saves petrol and increases power. Brisk EVO has been developed from its performance spark plugs but it is to be used in regular passenger vehicles and motorcycles!

Its high European quality products tested in the most competitive markets around the world makes Brisk a very attractive brand to stock. Our spark plugs are available on our web site or through our distributors and workshops.  

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